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Abu Dabab, Marsa Alam
Fast Facts




Marsa Alam
Red Sea, Egypt
Scuba Diving
More about Marsa Alam
Points of Interest Nearby

Masked butterflyfish, Abu Dabab Reefs


Photo by Derek Keats

Abu Dabab is a delight for snorkelers, divers and beach-goers. It has a sandy beach, shallow waters, and six reefs. It boasts an easy entry and gently sloping sea. It’s home to colorful corals and thousands of reef fish. It has a wreck and swim-throughs. Its seagrass meadows are grazing grounds for green turtles and dugongs. Guitar sharks and bluespotted stingrays are often seen in the shallows. White tip reef sharks are sometimes spotted on outer reef walls. Two of its six reefs start from the beach. Dives are wade in from shore. The sheltered bay is closed to boats.
Getting There
Abu Dabab is located 10 km (6 miles) north of Marsa Alam and roughly 30 km (19 miles) south of the airport. The beach can be reached by taxi or as part of an organized excursion offered by area hotels. Family Travel Tip: Taxis can be booked through your hotel’s concierge service.
Admission & Fees
The hotels on Abu Dabab charge a day-use fee to access the beach. The fee includes use of a beach chair and umbrella. Taxi drivers know the going rates and can point you to the cheapest stretch of sand.
Things to Keep in Mind
Visibility is oftentimes poor. Sightings of green turtles and dugong aren’t guaranteed, but if the kids are patient they may well catch sight of these marine herbivores. Weekends offer a less crowded experience. This easy shore dive is anything but boring.
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