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Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve, Watamu
Fast Facts




Watamu 80202
Coast Province, Kenya
+254 202335801
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A trip to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest can't compete with a wildlife safari yet it offers a glimpse at Kenya's bird and animal life and a peek at one of East Africa's last tracts of coastal forest. This conservation site for threatened bird species boasts a whole host of endemic and endangered flora and fauna. The Arabuko Sokoke Forest has three distinct types of vegetation - mixed forest, Brachystegia and Cynometra. It is home to six species of globally threatened birds - Clarke's Weaver, Amani Sunbird, Sokoke Pipit, Sokoke Scops Owl, East Coast Akalat, and Spotted Ground Thrush - and three species of globally threatened mammals - Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew, Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose, and Ader's Duiker. More than 230 bird species, 250 butterfly species and 50 mammal species have been recorded at Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The forest hosts over 600 types of plants more kinds of frogs than any other place in Kenya. It even supports a herd of 70 elephants.
Getting There
The Arabuko Sokoke Forest extends from Kilifi to Malindi and covers an area of 420 sq km. The forest entrance is located near Gede and is situated roughly 7 km west of Watamu. The forest is accessible from the Mombasa-Malindi road.
Things to Keep in Mind
The visitor center is open daily 8:00 - 16:00. Dawn and dusk are the best times to visit the forest. The 4km nature trail starts near the forest station. Guided walks can be arranged onsite or in advance via email. An entrance fee is charged.
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