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Asilah Medina, Asilah
Fast Facts




Old City
Asilah 22000
Historic Interest
Market / Fair
More about Asilah
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Man Selling Sweets, Asilah


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

The medina of Asilah is a great place to ramble at random. It is small, uncrowded and easy to navigate. It boasts a maze of narrow, winding lanes. Colorful murals adorn many a wall. Handicraft shops and art galleries line many a way. The medina was fortified by the Portuguese in the 15th century and restored in 1978. The southernmost bastion affords a grand view of the ocean and a peak at the carpeted terrace of an Islamic sanctuary. The small café in Place Abdellah Guennoun is great place to sip mint tea, observe comings and goings, and wonder at El-Kamra tower. The Asilah medina is a relaxed place to search for souvenirs. What's more, a photo op waits round every corner.
Getting There
Entrance to the old city is via one of three gates - Bab Homar, Bab al-Baha and Bab al-Kasaba. The medina is closed to motorized traffic and is navigable by foot only. Petite taxis are readily found outside Bab al-Kasaba.
Things to Keep in Mind
The southernmost bastion is a great place to take in the sunset.
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