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Merdja Zerga Biological Reserve, Moulay Bousselham
Fast Facts




Moulay Bousselham 14300
Kenitra - Morocco
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Merdja Zerga, Moulay Bousselham


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

Merdja Zerga, also known as Lagune de Moulay Bou Selham, is one of Morocco's most important wetlands and top birding destinations. This 4,500-hectare coastal lagoon is a major site on the East Atlantic Flyway and vital winter home for Palearctic birds. More than 100 bird species have been spotted at Merdja Zerga. Tens of thousands of ducks and near one hundred thousand waders overwinter in the brackish waters of this semi-enclosed marine ecosystem. Notable species include the slender-billed curlew, marbled teal, marsh owl, grey heron, white stork, glossy ibis, and greater flamingo. Unsure bird watching will incite a squeal? A boat trip in search of crabs may well appeal.
Getting There
Merdja Zerga Biological Reserve is located on Morocco's north Atlantic coast. The reserve is reachable accessible from 8 small villages. The easiest access is from Moulay Bousselham.
Getting Around
Boats can be hired from the small beach below Moulay Bousselham. The price of a guided bird watching trips depends on distance covered and time on the water. Negotiate both before you get in the boat. Of note, a full trip takes two hours.
Things to Keep in Mind
Birding is best in winter. The peak season is December to January; several species, including the flamingo, are visible through April. The best time of day for bird watching is early morning.
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