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Northwoods Wildlife Center, Minocqua
Fast Facts




8683 Blumenstein Road
Minocqua, Wisconsin 54548
+1 (715) 356 7400
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Wildlife Park
The Northwoods Wildlife Center is a great place to learn about birds, mammals and reptiles. Not only does this non-profit wildlife hospital care for and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals, it is open for touring and offers wildlife programs from June to August each summer. Story hour is geared to preschoolers. The recommend age for educational programs is 6 and up. (Pre-registration is required for some programs as places are limited.) Both tours and events offer insight to the natural world. What better place than Northwoods Wildlife Center to discover Northwoods fauna?
American Robin Facts
American Robin

American Robin

Jim Pisarowicz, courtesy of National Park Service


There are lots of fun facts about the American Robin. Did you know that?

  • The American Robin, Turdus migratorius, is a migratory songbird and member of the thrush family of passerine birds.
  • American Robins are a gray-brown bird. They have a yellow bill and white throat and belly. They have a reddish-orange breast, hence the nickname Red Robin.
  • The American Robin is the largest North American thrush. It measures 10-11 inches (28-28cm) in length and has a wingspan of 14-16 inches (35-41cm).
  • American Robins are found throughout North America from Alaska to central Mexico and New York to California. They inhabit all green spaces including gardens, parks, woodlands, forests, pastures and fields.
  • The American Robin is a migratory bird. They summer in Canada and Alaska. They winter in Florida and central Mexico. They are year round residents in the remainder of the United States.
  • American Robins build a bowl-shaped nest out of twigs, grass and mud. They normally nest in thickets and trees but also build their nests on buildings and fences.
  • The female American Robin lays 2 to 3 clutches of eggs each summer. Each clutch has 3 to 5 baby blue eggs.
  • American Robins are omnivores as they eat both fruit and insects. Their favorite food is earthworms but they also feed on beetles, grasshoppers, grapes and cherries.
  • The American Robin is the state bird of three U.S. states, Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
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