Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires
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Calle Junín 1760
Buenos Aires C1113AAT
+54 (011) 4803 1594
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Recoleta Cemetery


Photo by City of Buenos Aires

A trip to Recoleta Cemetery, Cementerio de la Recoleta in Spanish, is more than a tribute to Eva Peron. It is a lesson in art and history as well as a macabre adventure for kids. See extravagant burial chambers and ostentatious tombs of scientists, presidents and patriots. View the Duarte family mausoleum, Eva Peron's grave site. And in addition to weaving tales of the rich and famous, witness the importance of a long lost female. Thousand of Argentines visit Evita's tomb each day and pay tribute to this infamous lady more than 50 years after her passing.
Getting There
Recoleta Cemetery is located at Calle Junín 1760 in Recoleta, the sophisticated, French-style barrio in central Buenos Aires. Several city buses, called colectivos, stop in Recoleta. (At last check Colectivos 61, 62, 67, 92, 93, 124, and 130 stopped near the cemetery.) The nearest Subte stations are Callao (Av. Callao and Av. Cordoba) on the green D Line and General San Martin (Plaza General San Martin) on the blue A Line. Both significant walks.
Hours & Times
The cemetery is open daily 7:00 - 18:00. The City of Buenos Aires offers guided tours in Spanish Tuesday through Saturday. Tours in English are offered twice weekly. Tours in Portuguese are offered once a week. All tours are weather permitting. Entrance and guided tours are free of charge.
Things to Keep in Mind
Basilica del Pilar, an 18th century church noted for its architecture as well as the baroque artifacts found inside, is located next to the cemetery.
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