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Tower Falls, Yellowstone


Photo by Rosalie LaRue, courtesy of National Park Service

Tower-Roosevelt, as Yellowstone's northeast quadrant is called, is the most remote corner America's first national park. And it is the least frequently visited. Here are six reasons to buck the trend. 1. The 29-mile (47 km) Northeast Entrance Road is most scenic of the park's five access drives. 2. There are no milling crowds as at Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls. 3. There are countless miles of hiking trails. 4. It is one of the top spots in Yellowstone for fly fishing. 5. Lamar Valley - a broad, u-shaped glacial valley - is the best place to watch wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. 6. The historic Roosevelt Lodge & Cabins is a rugged family hideaway.
Getting There
The Tower-Roosevelt area of Yellowstone National Park encompasses Lamar Valley, Calcite Springs, Overhanging Cliffs, Petrified Tree, Tower Fall and Northeast Entrance Road. The Grand Loop Road between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Junction and Northeast Entrance Road - to Cooke City only - are open to wheeled vehicles year-round weather permitting. The road from Tower Junction to Canyon closes in two stages; the stretch from Tower Junction to Tower Falls opens first and closes last. Snow tires and/or chains are often required.
Getting Around
The hiking trails in Tower-Roosevelt are both rewarding and remote and, in winter, several are open to cross-country skiers. As with all Yellowstone trails, they vary in length and grade. The 1.2-mile (1.9 km) Trout Lake Trail is graded easy. The 4-mile Slough Creek Trail is graded moderate. The 4-mile (6.4 km) Yellowstone River Picnic Area Trail is graded strenuous. Specimen Ridge, Lamar River and Pebble Creek trails are backcountry track (permits are required for backcountry camping). NB: Check the ranger station for trail closings before you set out. There are no boardwalks, bike trails or ranger-led hikes in Tower-Roosevelt. Be sure to pull your vehicle off the roadway when parking at roadside turnouts and overlooks.
Things to Keep in Mind
The following services are available at Tower-Roosevelt: lodge, campgrounds, service station, restaurant, general store, ranger station and horseback riding stables. Apart from the campgrounds and general store all services in Tower-Roosevelt are located at Tower Junction. The Slough Creek and Pebble Creek campgrounds are accessible from the Northeast Entrance Road. Tower Falls Campground and Yellowstone General Store are situated 2 miles south of Tower Junction at Tower Falls. There is no food or water at trailheads. There is little reprieve from the sun on hiking trails. Pack water and snacks. Wear sunscreen and hats. A fishing permit is required for all Yellowstone anglers. Permits are required for backcountry camping.
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