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African Adventures with Kids
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Photo by Magical Africa Safaris Ltd.

Sweeping savannas, thick jungles, glorious mountains, endless seas of sand. Native cultures, imperial civilizations, early man. Wind swept ramparts, tranquil tropical waters. Family travel to Africa offers something for everyone. Marvel at mummies in Egypt. Explore the imperial cities of Morocco - Marrakesh, Meknes, Rabat and Fes. Tour the Roman ruins of Dougga, Djemila, Volubulis and Leptis Magna. Travel overland in the Sahara Desert. Follow in the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. Partake in a jeep tour or camel pack trip. Laze on the beach from Morocco to Mauritius. Snorkel in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Discover remote Madagascar. Safari in the East African nations of Kenya and Tanzania and the Southern African countries of Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. Trek for gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, if you're traveling with children over the age of 15. Travel to South Africa and combine adventure, culture and fun. Our family travel guides are designed to help you travel in Africa with kids.
Travel Journal: Traditional Clothing
Traditional Clothing
Every country, region and people has its own traditional clothing. On my trip to _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ I learned a bit about the local dress. The national costume is the _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ . It's made of _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ . It's worn by _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ . The _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ is more than just a piece of clothes, it indicates the wearer's _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ . It serves a practical function too! It keeps the wearer _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ . I was surprised to learn that _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​__ . I thought _____​_____​_____​_____​_ was really weird until I discovered that _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___ . The way people dress tells us about their culture and beliefs as well as the climate they live in.

Here's a picture of my favorite national costume.

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