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Family Vacations in the United States
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Dead Horse State Park, Utah

Photo by Alfredo De Simone

A family vacation in the USA is as much about big cities, theme parks and shopping as it is about small towns, natural wonders and national monuments. And whether you intend to spend your holiday communing with nature in wide open spaces or taking in the sites along America's back roads, family attractions and child-friendly activities abound. Children's museums, amusement parks, sports stadiums and holiday parades are just a few of the fun things to see and do with kids in the United States. Paddle a raft, kayak or canoe. Hike, bike, snowboard and ski. Surf on the west coast, body board on the east. Dig for fossils in the Badlands. While a cross-country road trip may not be in order, a scenic drive speaks to freedom and family adventure. Take a detour from the highway or day trip from the city and introduce the kids to American culture; hotdogs and Hollywood don't hold a candle to the Pennsylvania Dutch or Native American Indians. Whether you plan to travel to New York or California, tour the Midwest or discover the deep South our family travel guides will help you make the most of your holiday in America.
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  • United States
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