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Ait ben Haddou, Morocco
Fast Facts
Historic Interest
Kid-Friendly Hotels
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Ait Ben Haddou


Photo by Valentina Marconi

Ait ben Haddou (also spelled Ait benhaddou) is the most spectacular fortified village or ksar in southern Morocco. And this frequently filmed location is even more impressive in person that it is on screen. Wander the streets of the mudbrick village. Imagine life as a Berber. Tour the ksar independently or hire a guide and view the village through local eyes. This World Heritage Site is more than a great film set.
Getting There
Ait ben Haddou is located in southern Morocco and is situated roughly 30 km (18 miles) northwest of Ouarzazate. Marrakech is the best place to start a road trip to Ait ben Haddou. Both Easy Jet and RyanAir service Marrakech. Royal Air Maroc offers daily flights to/from Casablanca and Ouarzazate. There is no train service in this part of the country.
When to Travel
The best times of year to visit Ait ben Haddou are spring (March - May) and fall (October - November). The daytime high often exceeds 40°C (104°F) in summer and, in winter, the nighttime low can fall below 0°C (32°F).
Health & Safety
Watamu is a malaria risk area. Other health risks include sunburn, coral cuts and travelers' diarrhea. Watamu is relatively safe yet it is imprudent to stroll alone after dark. Beach boys, hawkers and touts can be a bit of a nuisance but just be firm and friendly and they will likely move on. Water shoes are recommended at all times and fundamental at low tide. When packing your first-aid kit, don't forget to include high factor sunscreen, diarrhea medications and DEET insect repellent. See our Kenya page for information on vaccinations, malaria and other items to include in a medical first aid kit.
Things to Keep in Mind
In summer, the desert wind, known as the scirocco, is as unbearable as the heat. Most hotels claim to have heating, yet in winter rooms are rarely warm and the water rarely hot.
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