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Amboseli National Park, Kenya
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By Magical Africa Safaris Ltd.

Amboseli National Park, often referred to as the home of the gods, offers an African safari like no other. Situated at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain at 5,895 meters or 19,340 feet, this snow-capped peak provides a stunning backdrop to Amboseli's expansive Rift Valley plains. The Masai (also spelled Maasai) - tall, colorfully dressed, nomadic warriors - and abundant wildlife - lion, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, plains game and Africa's largest population of elephant - complete the image. So why bring the kids? A wildlife safari in Amboseli provides children with an opportunity to view African game, interact with the Masai and learn about this East African culture. Game drives, visits to a Masai homestead and children's walking safaris, lead by a locally trained Masai naturalist, are just a few of the kid friendly activities.

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History & Culture
A wildlife safari in Amboseli National Park provides an opportunity to introduce the kids to the Masai (also spelled Maasai). Learn more about this tall, colorfully dressed, pastoral tribe that makes their home in the Rift Valley regions of Kenya and Tanzania.
Maps are a great way to get the kids involved in family vacation planning. Use online maps of Kenya to plot your route to national parks and beach resorts and learn more about the country's geography.
Books are a great way to introduce children to a new adventure and a foreign land. Get a recommended reading list for a wildlife safari that covers nature as well as literature.
Music & Sound
Explore wildlife through sound. Listen to an elephant trumpet and a lion snarl and roar. Learn to identify birdcalls before you depart on a bird watching tour.
Read Kenya newspapers online and brush up on Kenyan current events from politics to economics and sports to entertainment before you depart on a family trip. Read Kenya news online and find out what the locals are reading.
Kids' Stuff
Did you know that Amboseli boasts the highest concentration of elephants in Africa. Ask your safari guide how this clever mammal mourns its dead or how they cross a fast flowing river with their young. But before you depart discover other fun facts about Kenya's wildlife and learn more about the Masai people.
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Get a free kids travel journal to document your family vacation.
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At Four Corners you can stand in which four U.S. States?