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Gardiner, Montana
Fast Facts
+1 (406) 848 7971
Pack & Saddle
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Family Travel Tips

Dowtown Gardiner, Montana


Photo by Jim Peaco, courtesy National Park Service

Gardiner may have lost it’s rough and tumble atmosphere yet there are seven reasons to consider a visit to this once frontier settlement. 1) It sits at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. 2) It’s the park’s only year round gateway. 3) It’s home to the Roosevelt Arch. 4) It’s sandwiched between the Absarorka-Beartooth Wilderness Area and Gallatin National Forest. 5) It’s nestled in Paradise Valley and the Yellowstone River runs through it. 6) It’s a migration corridor for bison, pronghorn and elk. 7) It’s a budget-friendly alternative to staying in the park.
Getting There
Gardiner is located in southwest Montana and sits at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, the park’s only year round gateway. It is located 80 miles south of Bozeman, Montana and 5.5 miles north of Mammoth, Wyoming. Gallatin Field in Bozeman, Montana is the nearest airport offering scheduled flights. There is no bus or train service to Gardiner, Montana. The closest Greyhound station is located in Livingston, Montana, 52 miles to the north. The nearest Amtrak station is found in Shelby, Montana, 344 miles from Gardiner. Car rentals are available in Bozeman, Livingston and Shelby.
When to Travel
The climate is semi-arid cold desert and the elevation is 5300 feet. Summer days are hot and dry; nights are cool. Winters are cold. The average daytime temperature varies from 33°F (0.5°C) in January to 85°F (29°C) in July. The wettest months are March to June. The town receives 25 - 40 inches of snow a year. It has the mildest climate of all the gateway communities and receives much less snow than other areas of Yellowstone. Family Travel Tips: Traveling in summer? Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Dress in layers, pack jackets or fleece, bring raingear and carry insect repellent, bear spray, sunscreen, and a first aid kit.
Health & Safety
Altitude sickness, dehydration, hypothermia and wildlife encounters are the main health risks for backcountry explorers. Carry plenty of water and encourage children to drink regularly. Don't drink the water in the lakes, rivers or streams unless boiled or filtered. Dress for the weather. Select activities that are commensurate with the age and ability of the kids and give your body a chance to acclimate before engaging in strenuous physical activities. Maintain a safe distance from all wildlife, 100 yards (91m) from bears and wolves and 25 yards (23m) from all other animals. Be bear aware; have your bear spray handy, make noise on the trail, and store food and discard debris in apposite bear safe containers.
Things to Keep in Mind
Gardiner has fuel stations and a grocery store. The town has a variety of hotels, motels, cabins and B&Bs as well as a private RV park and campground. There are several Forest Service campsites within a few miles of Gardiner.
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