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Grand Canyon West, Arizona
Fast Facts
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Grand Canyon West may not be as expansive as the South Rim, as wild as Toroweap, or as peaceful as the North Rim yet it is awe-inspiring nonetheless. What's more, it's just a 3-hour drive from Las Vegas. Situated on the Hualapai Indian Nation Reserve and managed by the Hualapai tribe, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. A fact that is made clear when you purchase your package. The Grand Canyon West Rim is priced and bundled like an attraction not a national wonder. View the canyon from the glass-bottom Skywalk. Go horseback riding. Take a hummer tour.
Getting There
The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is 120 miles (193 km) from Las Vegas, 253 miles (407 km) from Phoenix and 216 miles (347 km) from Flagstaff. Yet you need to know more than distance when calculating the driving time to Grand Canyon West. Whether you approach the West Rim from Peach Springs or Kingman the last 14 miles (23 km), roughly a 30-minute drive, are on rough, unpaved road. From Las Vegas, the trips is just under 3 hours, 4 from Flagstaff and roughly 5 hours from Phoenix as well as the South Rim.
Getting Around
A trip to Grand Canyon West is park and ride. Private vehicles are not permitted within the West Rim area. A hop-on hop-off shuttle service (referred to as a tour) connects all points along the rim - Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, Indian Village and Hualapai Ranch. Bus service is also available from the Welcome Center, a roughly 30 minute trip each way, and is an alternative to navigating the dirt road in your own vehicle. Of note, RVs are not allowed beyond the Welcome Center.
When to Travel
The West Rim is a year round destination. The best time of year to visit is spring (March through May). The peak season isn't limited to summer weekends and the month of July but includes the week between Christmas and New Year, Spring Break, and holiday weekends throughout the year.
Health & Safety
The shortest available metaphorical reins are required on all children. There are no guardrails, anywhere.
Hours & Seasons
The West Rim is open 365 days a year. Opening hours are seasonal and daylight dependent. Grand Canyon West is open 7:00 to 19:00 from May through September and 8:00 to 16:30 from December through February. Skywalk hours are 8:00 to 18:00 in summer and in winter 8:00 to 15:30. Native American performances are held daily year round.
Admission & Fees
Grand Canyon West is priced like an attraction and the cost of the entrance fee is based on the activity package you choose. Of note, admission to the Skywalk is not included in all packages and in some cases cannot be added even with an additional fee.
Contact Details
Packages for Grand Canyon West and tickets for the Skywalk can be reserved via email at reservations@destinationgrandcanyon.com or by telephone at +1 877 716 9378. Reservations for the park and ride service can be made by telephone at +1 702 260 6506.
Things to Keep in Mind
Whether you take the bus from the welcome center or make the journey to the entrance in your own vehicle you are likely to be wearing more than a bit of red earth. The only hiking on the West Rim is the less than 1/4 mile (400 m) High Point Trail at Guano Point. Accommodation is limited; book well in advance.
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