Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull, Scotland

The Isle of Mull may not be a tropical paradise yet this island off the west coast of Scotland offers families endless days of discovery. Tour the brightly colored town of Tobermory. See standing stones, duns, brochs and castles. Take a train trip from Craignure to Torosay. Play on silver sand beaches. (Calgary Bay and Ross of Mull, as the island's westernmost finger is called, are the favorites of islanders.) Cruise coastal roads. Hike hills. Walk shores. Ferry to Iona and glimpse the birthplace of Celtic Christianity. Take a boat trip to Staffa or Treshnish Isles and watch birds. Spot seals ... Read Moreat Laggan Sands near Lochbuie. Hoping to catch sight of something larger? Embark on a marine safari. Or head to Cailleach Point, Carsaig or Ardnamurchan Point and observe cetaceans from shore.
Minke Whale Facts

There are lots of fun facts about minke whales. Did you know that?

  • The minke whale is a member of the rorqual family and kind of baleen whale. It is nicknamed the sharp-headed finner and little piked whale. There are two species of minke whale, common minke whale and Antarctic minke whale.
  • Minke whales inhabit the world's oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. They feed in the polar regions in summer and calve in tropical waters in winter. Minke whales prefer open waters to closed seas.
  • The minke whale is the second smallest baleen whale. It measures only 30 feet (9 m) in length and weighs just 7.5 tons (7.6 tonnes). Females are larger than males but weigh roughly the same.
  • Minke whales are dark gray in color. They have a triangular snout and slender body. Common minke whales have a white band on each flipper.
  • Minke whales have roughly 300 baleen plates and between 50 and 70 ventral grooves. Like all baleen whales, they have two blow holes.
  • Minke whales feed on plankton and krill. They use the comb-like curtain that hangs from their upper jaw to trap food in the same way as a strainer.
  • Minke whales are solitary animals and while they sometimes travel in pairs they rarely feed in groups called pods of more than six members.
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