Mkuze Game Reserve, South Africa
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The 40,000 hectare Mkuze Game Reserve (also spelled Mkhuze) is a mosaic of wetlands, forests and grasslands that supports over 420 species of birds and a great variety of game. Take a self-drive safari. Join a ranger-led game drive. Spy on nature from a hide. Spot wildlife large and small - elephant, giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest, suni and rhinoceros are but a few - on a guided walking safari. Explore a fig forest on a guided birding walk. And of course, bird at the Nsumo Pan considered by many the highlight of an Mkuze safari.
What is a Bird Hide?
A bird hide, also called a game viewing hide, is a camouflaged shelter used by bird watchers and game viewers to spy on nature. These simple platforms, first built by hunters, are made of wood or brush and often sit on stilts. They have slits or small windows from which to observe. Bird hides enable game viewers and birders to go unnoticed. And as many a wildlife enthusiast will conclude you see more from a hide than roaming a park.

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