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Moab, Utah
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Dead Horse State Park, Utah


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

There is more to Moab than mountain biking. This small town in the heart of Canyon Country boasts a nearly endless offering of outdoor activities. And it is a convenient base for families touring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dead Horse Point State Park and the La Sal Mountains as well as those exploring the Colorado and Green Rivers and Native American Rock Art Sites. Yet you need not be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy nature's answer to Disneyland. The area's red rock cliffs, stunning rock formations, roaring rivers and high desert are as fun to view as they are to explore. Just ask the moviemakers!
Salt, Wind, Water and Ice
Sand Flats Recreation Area, Moab

Sand Flats Recreation Area, Moab

Alfredo De Simone

Weathering and erosion, the architects of the spectacular landforms found throughout the Colorado Plateau, could not have created the area's canyons, arches and domes if a few things hadn't happen first. Believe it or not, what is today a high desert was once an inland sea. When the seas retreated 300 million years ago, they left behind a really thick layer of salt. Over time, deposits, mainly sand, covered the salt and were compressed into a hard crust scientists call sedimentary rock. Salt, being the weaker of the two, eventually yielded to the pressure of the rock and was squeezed up and out like toothpaste from a tube. With nothing to support it, the rock buckled and cracked. The crevices, once far below the earth's surface, were brought to the top when a movement in the earths surface known as uplift caused the land to rise. Water, wind and ice broke the exposed rock into small pieces (mechanical weathering) and transported them to a new location (erosion).
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