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Moulay Bousselham, Morocco
Fast Facts
Tourist Attractions
Points of Interest Nearby

Child in Moulay Bousselham


Photo by Alfredo De Simone

There are two reasons to trek to Moulay Bousselham, also spelled Bou Selham, and one reason to think twice before booking a hotel. Moulay Bousselham is home to Merdja Zerga Biological Reserve, one of Morocco's most important wetlands and top birding destinations. This Atlantic Coast fishing village boasts fantastic beaches. Moulay Bousselham is a one street town that ends at the sea. There is little action outside of summer. There is no nightlife at anytime. In short, what is restful to some may be agony for others.
Getting There
Moulay Bousselham is located just 30 km south of Larache yet, unless you're traveling by car or in the peak summer season, reaching this small village requires at least one transfer. The nearest train station is in Souk el Arba. Buses and grand taxis connect through this inland village. The 44 km trip takes just under 1 hour. In summer, grand taxis to Moulay Bousselham also depart from Kenitra, Larache and Rabat. The nearest airports are located in Tangier and Rabat, 125 kilometers to the north and 150 kilometers to the south. Moulay Bousselham is accessible from the A1 motorway.
When to Travel
Winter (December through March) is the best season for bird watching and surfing. Summer is the best time for sunning and swimming. Spring is ideal for just plain relaxing. The village is near deserted in winter and is brimming with Moroccan beachgoers in July and August.
Health & Safety
Heat related illnesses and strong currents are the main health risks in Moulay Bousselham. Apply high factor sunscreen to all exposed areas, including nose, ears, and toes. Wear sunglasses as well as a hat. Seek shade from 12:00 to 16:00 and sip liquids throughout the day. Rock pools are the most tranquil swimming holes. Local lifeguards patrol the beach in summer and are happy to point out safe swim spots.
Things to Keep in Mind
Moulay Bousselham is an ideal day trip.
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