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Pemba, Mozambique
Fast Facts
Historic Interest
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Photo by Rani Resorts

Capital of the Cabo Delgado province and home to the third largest bay in the world, Pemba is more than the departure point for excursions to Quirimbas Archipelago and ecotourist destinations in Mozambique's far north. A family trip to this sleepy north Mozambique town combines culture and fun. Tour the Paquitequete district and take in Pemba's colonial charm. Shop for Makonde woodcarvings at artisan cooperatives and shop with the locals at Mbanguia market. And if the sea is your calling, head to one of Cabo Delgado's numerous beaches. Wimbi Beach, one of the most popular beaches on this stretch of coast, is but a few miles south of Pemba. Snorkel in shallow waters and scuba dive along vertical walls. Fish for tuna, sailfish and mackerel at St. Lazarus Banks, Banco de São Lázaro in Portuguese. Take a dhow safari and spot dolphin, whale and dugong. And should the kids tire of all the adventure build sandcastles on pristine white sand beaches.
Getting There
Most families traveling to Pemba will arrive by air. LAM flies to the Pemba airport from Maputo, Beira and Nampula as well as Johannesburg (South Africa) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). A dual carriage road connects Pemba to Nampula and Mozambique Island both roughly 400km (250 miles) to the south. Families keen on an overland trek may want to consider initiating their journey in Malawi rather than Tanzania, the road from Dar es Salaam is paved only part of the way.
Getting Around
Transfers to/from the airport as well as transfers to/from Pemba can be booked through most lodges and hotels. Car rentals can be booked direct. Moti Rent a Car is the only rental car company located near the airport. Chapas (local buses) make it easy to get around on public transport.
When to Travel
The best time to visit Pemba and the Quirimbas Archipelago is from June to August when the average daytime temperature is between 22-30° C (71-86° F) and the chance of rain is minimal. The weather is hot and humid throughout the rainy season (November - April); the heaviest rains are in January and February.
Health & Safety
Traveler's diarrhea is the most common aliment afflicting tourists in Mozambique. Avoiding tap water is the cornerstones to prevention. Drink bottled water and eat cooked or peeled fruit and vegetables only. Malaria is prevalent throughout Mozambique and is a risk year-round.
Things to Keep in Mind
While it may be tempting to take all of your meals at a lodge, a trip to a local restaurant provides an opportunity to introduce the kids to Mozambican cuisine. Bakeries offer more than a snack on the run they offer a sweet taste of local food.
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