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Tigre, Argentina
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A day trip to Tigre offers families a fun break from city touring. This riverside town, once a holiday destination for wealthy Porteños, is just short ride along the Rio de la Plata from the sprawling metropolis of Buenos Aires. Take the coastal train, Tren de la Costa, and take in the panoramic view of the estuary. Walk to the Tigre docks and watch a very different life unfold. Visit the local market. Hawkers selling fruit, vegetables and local crafts operate from both boats and stalls! Take a river cruise and explore the Paraná Delta. Tour San Isidro Plaza, most colorful on Sundays, and admire the Cathedral. And if you are in search of good kid fun head to Parque de la Costa, a local amusement park.
Getting There
Tigre is situated 32km (20 miles) north of Buenos Aires on the delta of the Paraná River. Public transport - bus or train - is the best way to make the trip. Take Tren de la Costa (Coastal Train) from Maipú station in Buenos Aires to Delta station in Tigre or, if your are pressed for time, make the journey on the Mitre line - marked TBA - from Ritiro station in Buenos Aires to the main train station in Tigre in just 50 minutes. City buses also make the trip, although much more slowly than the train. It takes Colectivo No. 60 more than 90 minutes to travel from Constitución in Buenos Aires to the center of Tigre.
When to Travel
While Buenos Aires and the surrounding area are enjoyable year round, spring (September - November) and fall (March - May) offer the best weather. Winters are cool and summers are hot and humid.
Things to Keep in Mind
Plan to visit the market in the morning; the crowds are thickest in the afternoon.
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