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Toroweap, Arizona
Fast Facts
Family Travel Tips

Colorado River


Photo by National Park Service

There are no milling crowds at Toroweap, also spelled Tuweep or Tuweap. And it boasts the best views of the Grand Canyon from the rim. Yet this destination should only be considered by families in search of solitude and adrenaline. It is difficult to reach. There are no guardrails, anywhere. Camping is primitive. And while the rim trails are graded easy, the short hike into the canyon is nothing short of extreme. In short, Toroweap is a challenging destination that may only be appropriate for families with older teens willing and prepared to test their backcountry adventure skills.
Getting There
Getting to Toroweap is a significant part of the challenge. From Fredonia take Hwy 389 west for roughly 7 miles (12 km). Turn at the sign "Toroweap 61 miles" pointing to the dirt BLM Road 109. While this route is considered to be the most reliable, rocks and dust are obstacles along much of the 61-mile (100 km) dirt road. From Colorado City take Hwy 389 to BLM Road 5. This 60-mile (100 km) route is open year round but is impassable when wet. The drive from St. George, Utah is the most scenic route. Take BLM Roads 1069 and 5 for roughly 90 miles (145 km). In winter, this route may be closed due to heavy snowfall.
Getting Around
The rim trails at Toroweap are graded easy, the short hike into the canyon is nothing short of extreme. Carefully consider the ability of the kids as well as you level of physical fitness before heading down the trail to Lava Falls. Trail maps are available at the ranger station located at the entrance to Toroweap.
When to Travel
At 4600 feet (1400 m) Toroweap sits at a significantly lower elevation than the North Rim. The entrance is open year-round. The best time to visit is in spring and fall. Winters are mild. Summers are hot.
Admission & Fees
Toroweap is the only area within the Grand Canyon National Park where entrance is free of charge.
Things to Keep in Mind
There are no services at Toroweap, no gas, no food and no water. Carry at least one spare tire and all the tools. You are at least a 2.5-hour drive from civilization.
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