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Southern Morocco, Morocco
Fast Facts
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Ouarzazate Kasbah


Photo by Valentina Marconi

A trip to southern Morocco is a journey through stark gorges and palm-studded oases. And is the birthplace of two Moroccan dynasties, Saadian and Alawite. Spend the night in a kasbah, a castle of sorts. Tour a ksar, a fortified village. Explore the Sahara by camel, jeep or foot. Learn about khettara, ancient underground canals. Discover the local culture. Or simply take in the beauty of a very different Morocco.
History & Culture
Islamic culture has influenced all aspects of Moroccan life yet Arab rule of Morocco was never long lived. The local tribes, known as Berbers, acquiesced to Islam but never embraced government from afar. Preferring home rule, even if by foreign hands, the Berbers welcomed Arab refugees and even set them up with dynasties.
Online maps are a great travel planning resource and a great way to get the kids involved in a family vacation. Map the imperial cities - Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes and Rabat - as well as Berber villages, desert oasis and mountain ranges. Use online maps to pinpoint your family travel destination and get a lay of the land.
Books are a great way to introduce young children to a new adventure and get teens and tweens ready for a family trip. We've compiled a list of books about Morocco and books by Moroccan authors for children of various ages and with varying interests. What better why to begin a journey that a trip through literature?
Music & Sound
Moroccan music is a web of rhythm and sound. And it comes in a variety of forms. Arab-Andalusian music, a classical tradition imported from Muslim Spain, combines rhythm, vocals and instrumentals in complicated musical structure called nawbat or harmonic modes. Berber music, played at weddings, festivals and tribal gatherings, are poems and tales told through song. Moroccan popular music is rooted in Arabic style but influenced by African, Western and all forms of Moroccan music.
Read Moroccan newspapers online and, in addition to brushing up on Moroccan current events, find out what's happening from Casablanca to Tamegroute and discover what Moroccans are reading about.
Kids' Stuff
Online resources make learning lots of fun. Learn about Ibn Battuta, an explorer from Tangier, and take a virtual tour with this 14th century traveler. Map the routes followed by Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo and compare the two. View images of daily life and discover the Moroccan culture. Get fun facts about Morocco. Test your knowledge before you depart and again when you return. Print the information you find fascinating and take it with you on your family trip. Explain your findings to your family members and use the things you learn to make your travel journal really cool.
Associations and non-profit organizations are a valuable resource as well as means to get involved. Find out more about a few of the organizations working to preserve the Amazigh Berber culture as well as those working to conserve Morocco's national treasures.
Travel Trivia
Orcas are:
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