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Southern Morocco, Morocco
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Ouarzazate Kasbah


Photo by Valentina Marconi

A trip to southern Morocco is a journey through stark gorges and palm-studded oases. And is the birthplace of two Moroccan dynasties, Saadian and Alawite. Spend the night in a kasbah, a castle of sorts. Tour a ksar, a fortified village. Explore the Sahara by camel, jeep or foot. Learn about khettara, ancient underground canals. Discover the local culture. Or simply take in the beauty of a very different Morocco.
Amazigh or Berber?


Ksar Bicha

Amazigh and Berber are two names for the same people. The Amazigh, meaning free men in English, are an indigenous North African people. And while most often associated with Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria, Imazighen (pural of Amazigh) live on the fringe of the Sahara from the Atlantic east to Egypt. So how did they get the nickname Berber? Unable to understand the Amazigh language, the Romans dubbed the Imazighen barberi or barbarians as they did with all peoples that spoke a language other than Latin. The name Berber is thus an ethnic slight. So when visiting a North African village or writing a school report, it is best to use the name Amazigh.
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