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Take your Kids out to the Ballpark
Take your Kids out to the Ballpark

Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia


Photo by OutWithTheKids.com

By Jeff Bogle

Baseball is as American as apple pie and country music. And if you're vacationing in a U.S. city with a professional baseball team there is no better way to spend a summer afternoon or evening than at a baseball game with the kids. Not only does a baseball outing offer families an affordable experience that recalls a simpler time, when children and adults huddled around the radio listening to the broadcast of their hometown heroes, it engages kids in one of America's favorite pastimes. Whether watching their favorite team or viewing a baseball game for the first time, your kids will quickly be cheering with the crowd.

Yet there is more to a family outing at the ballpark than the game on the field. Each year Major League Baseball clubs offer a variety of specials, promotions and giveaways to attract young fans and their families to the ballpark. From bobble-head player figurines, player t-shirts, hats, trading cards, lunchboxes and more, teams are eagerly handing out fun and free stuff at the gate (usually to kid's 14 and under). Many clubs with open-air parks have regularly scheduled fireworks displays and some allow kids to run the bases after select games.

While the price of tickets to Major League Baseball games has increased in recent years, baseball is still the most affordable professional sport in America to see live. And thanks to tiered pricing you can pay as little as US$5 for bleacher seats or as much as US$110 for the best seats in the park. Many ballparks feature family sections, in less expensive areas, which prohibit the consumption of alcohol. And although adults may prefer the perspective available from seats close to the field, the crowd rather than the location is likely to define the experience for the kids.

Minor League Baseball, readily available in many small towns and cities across the United States, is another option for families. In addition to being a less expensive way for a family to enjoy America's favorite pastime, minor league games typically offer a more intimate fan experience. The parks are smaller and fans often have access to the players.

Visit the website of the Major and/or Minor League Baseball club located in your family vacation destination before heading out to the park this summer with the kids. And in addition to booking tickets online, find discounts and discover pre and post game activities.

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