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Taking Pictures on Holiday
Taking Pictures on Holiday

Child taking a picture of Egyptian Pyramids

Photo by Alfredo De Simone

By Nicoletta Marconi

Photography is a great way to get children involved in a family holiday. Taking pictures provides kids with a way to share a family adventure, be it travel to a far away land or weekend outing around town. It helps children observe what may have gone unnoticed and recall, with greater ease and spontaneity, the time spent with mom and dad. What's more, photography is a lesson in responsibility whether your child is a first time camera user or eager to assume the role of family photographer.

The following tips will ensure that even the wary are engaged each and every time an image sparks their interest to click.

The right equipment
You don't need a professional camera to take a quality photo. Simple means can result in interesting pictures. Disposable or single use cameras have several advantages:
  • They are light and easy to use.
  • They can be carried in a backpack or worn, on a string, round your child's neck.
  • They come equipped with film and often times have a built-in flash.
  • They are not as delicate as your expensive camera.
  • They facilitate freedom of use wherever the kids may play.
What to snap
A suggestion or two will help children spot an opportunity and provide the inspiration to get started. Refrain, however, from making choices for them and they will record the world as they see it, weaving a personal tale.
  • Suggest they capture their story on film and recount their adventure through images to friends back home.
  • Help your child establish a time frame or develop a theme. For example, capturing the trip from take-off to landing or photographing everything that is different.
  • Point out things of interest - a strange hat or curious animal - and spark their curiosity.
  • Start simple. Animals, children, geometric shapes and colors are a great way to begin.
Ready, set, click
Limit the instruction to a few simple tips. You will avoid disappointment yet keep photography fun.
  • Avoid fuzzy photos: set the camera on a flat surface such as a rock in situations with little light.
  • Keep your eye on the horizon: it can shape the story.
  • Keep your back to the sun and the light will fall on your subject rather than the eye of the camera.
  • Get close to the subject and enable others to follow the tale.
  • Center the photo. If need be cut off the feet but don't chop off anyone's head!
  • Keep your fingers away from the lens.

Introduce your children to photography on your next family holiday and not only will you get them involved in the family outing you will open up a new world for them to explore.

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