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Eating Vegan on the Road
Vegan Snacks and Meals to Go
Vegetarian Restaurant Guide
Eating Vegan on the Road

Child drinking from a coconut

Photo by Alfredo De Simone

By Jennifer McCann, Vegan Lunch Box Blog

The idea of feeding your family healthy food on the road can be daunting. If your family happens to be vegan, the challenge may seem overwhelming. Relax, with a bit of planning your vegan vacation can be filled with great times, great fun, and, most importantly, great food.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Before heading out on your family adventure, always plan ahead. Pack enough snacks and food to see your family through all meals. And unless you will have access to a refrigerator, pack items that won't spoil and, once opened, can be finished in a single meal. There is nothing worse than arriving at an airport, train station or rest stop with a family of hungry veg-heads and nothing in sight but fast food chains and mini-marts.

Here is a list a of some our favorite vegan travel foods:
  • Nut butter with fruit, wholegrain graham crackers, or pretzels for dipping.
  • Single-serving size aseptic containers of nondairy milk and juice.
  • Fruit and applesauce cups. Don't forget to pack spoons.
  • Hummus with crackers or baked corn chips.
  • Granola, trail mix, and dried fruit.
  • Food bars.
  • Organic instant meal packets.
  • Vegetables in single serving pop-top cans.

Steppin' Out
Research your destination before you depart. Find out if local supermarkets carry foods and brands you are familiar with and whether there are any healthy choice restaurants nearby. When you arrive your vegan brood will be ready to hit the town.

The following tips will ensure you dine with nutritional excellence and style:
  • Use the web to find vegetarian or veg-friendly restaurants in your family travel destination.
  • Ethnic restaurants often have a wide range of vegetarian options. Enjoy bean burritos and guacamole at a Mexican restaurant, a vegetable or tofu stir-fry at a Chinese restaurant, heavenly curries at an Indian restaurants, or vegetarian sushi at a sushi bar.
  • Look for all-you-can-eat buffets and salad bars. A good buffet can offer a wide range of nutritious options like salads, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, pasta, build-your-own tacos with refried beans, and fresh fruit.
  • Pick up healthy food and snacks - fresh fruit, vegetables, and breads - at the local grocery store, health food store, or farmer's market and pack more than just a picnic lunch.
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