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London Walks, London
Fast Facts




PO Box 1708
London NW6 4LW
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7624 3978
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Jack the Ripper walk

Photo by London Walks

This much-lauded tour company offers the best walking tours in London. The walks are well-structured. The guides are excellent. The tours attract a fun mix of 'tourists'. Whilst all tours are pitched to adults there are several walks that are suitable for children. The Harry Potter walk is simply cool. The Jack the Ripper walk is a big hit with teens. The Ghosts of the Old City, Old Palace Quarter, and Old Westminster walks are led by child-friendly guides that know how to include children. Family Travel Tips: The regularly scheduled walks can't be booked in advance. Just turn-up and walk. A reduced rate is available for seniors and students. Children under 15 are free of charge. Walks vary with the day of the week. The Jack the Ripper tour goes out every night except December 24 and 25. Each walk has a fixed departure point. All tours are in English only. See the website for the one tour in French. Dress for the weather.
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