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Morocco Travel Guide
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Children wearing Moroccan turbans


Photo by Deborah Berlinck

Take a pair of adults eager to explore new cultures, a teenager who prefers surfing and shopping to museums, and a restless seven year old. Planning a family vacation, to please everyone, can be a trying experience. Not in Morocco. This North African country offers something for everyone. Travel camel back across rolling sand dunes. Ride mules in centuries-old Berber villages. Surf and ski at modern resorts. Visit imperial cities, complete with palaces, mosques and open-air markets. A family holiday in Morocco combines adventure, culture and just plain fun.

Generations of moviegoers have followed the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Alexander the Great through Morocco's southern deserts and will recognize the ancient fortress of Aït ben Haddou from films such as Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven. Yet many visitors are surprised by the authenticity of these exotic film locations and that their experience, through film, is limited to only a few of the country's many attractions.

In just one week, you can bathe in the Mediterranean, visit the Roman ruins of Volubilis and spend a day in the Middle Ages, just by wandering through the winding alleys of Fès, one of the largest living medieval cities in the world. And still have time to drive some nine hours south, traversing the Atlas Mountains along the way, to the Sahara Desert.

Riding a camel to the top of the sand dunes of Merzouga, to watch the sunrise or set, is an unforgettable experience. But not the only one. Follow the "valley of one thousand kasbahs" and discover sand castles that rise up along this ancient caravan route. Marrakech, with its snake charmers, storytellers and bustling market, is another must. And if you have the time and energy, visit Essaouira with its windswept ramparts that overlook the Atlantic. It's a favorite among surfers. But you can also ride horses and camels along the beach, savor fresh fish and stroll through this historic town, which the rock star Jimmy Hendrix once wanted to buy.

Only 13 kilometers of water separate Morocco from Spain. Yet the one-hour ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar transports you into an entirely different place and time. Good roads and railways, twelve airports and friendly Moroccans make travel easy. And between one destination and another, there is a whole world for each family member to discover. That is the magic of Morocco.
Travel Journal: Travel Companions
Travel Companions
On this trip I'm traveling with _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ and _____​_____​_____​_____​____. I've met lots of cool people too. My favorite trip companion is _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____, because _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___. _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ is acting a little bit weird. I didn't know _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​ before I left but we're already friends. _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ said _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​___. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard! _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____ did _____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​_____​____. It's so typical. Travel buddies are an important part of a vacation!

Here's my autograph book. I've asked my new and old friends to sign it.

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